Day 7 "Thankful For"

Only God can turn any mess into a message, any test into a testimony, any trial into a triumph, and any victim into a victor.
  1. I skipped day 6, not because I had nothing to be thankful for. I just didn't have time for this. Haha! So, yesterday was my 7th day, it's been a week now. I'm thankful for all these people that have been put in my path for a reason. I've made new friends. It's a big deal for me to say that. Thankful for knowing that what I do serves a purpose. Lol..yeah.
  2. I'm thankful for my mother and the vulnerability she shows.
  3. This passed week showed that we are so inclined to neglect our true selves. There's not a day we're not learning to Be..with all the signs, the people, the messages...I hope you're awake and aware (or are on your way). Thankful for that.

Day 5 "Thankful For"

Don’t be good, be great.
— Jay-Z
  1. I wanted to do something different and I did. I really stepped out of my comfort zone and worked my ass off into learning the basics of this editing software. It's something I've always wanted to do but that I kept pushing back - a bunch of excuses. I'm not comfortable yet because mastering your craft takes time, but now it's no mystery for me. The hardest part seems to be the beginning. Always. Now, I'm cool, I just need to show discipline, take it seriously and practice every week. I'm thankful for baby steps.
  2. Thankful for my ability to communicate... with my writings. I used to write a lol. I didn't realize how effective it was until I stopped. It's quite therapeutic to remember your childhood or your "past lives" with words.
  3. Thankful for what I don't have yet, because I will.

Day 4 "Thankful For"

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
— Albert Camus
  1. Yesterday, we went out to diner with a good friend of mine. As we were reminiscing and sharing stories... I rose my glass and realized we've been knowing each other for 9 years. What ?! "9 years?! Already? Shoot." It didn't feel like it. We must be doing something right. I'm thankful for good old friendships and for people I can count on.
  2. For living yesterday, I turned out to be thankful for shoulders to lean on. Sometimes, we feel like we deserve some type of love, but when you ask for nothing, don't expect anything to go down, you get everything and mostly support. Thankful for genuine support.
  3. I'm thankful for another chance I'm getting to get better and perfect my craft. So yeah, I'm thankful for my desire to grow.


Day 3 "Thankful For"

The more I threw away, the more I found.
— Don DeLillo, White Noise
  1. I'm super thankful for water. When I take a shower, my subconscious takes on, I get the best ideas, the craziest thoughts, heavy conversations. I drink a lot of water, I love the rain : the sound of it, the smell and what it breeds in my spirit. Oh, and Mick Jenkins "The Water[s]" is finally out and it's exactly what I needed. S/o to ChiTown, 514 with love.
  2. I feel like... yesterday if I had to be thankful for something, it must be love. Love of self to be exact. I don't think half of the things I did would've made sense without it.
  3. I'm thankful for places like libraries where you can hear yourself breathe. A traveller's favorite destination.