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When you view things in a particular way and you can barely relate to anything that's on the mass media, you have to make decisions that's going to either lift you higher or kill you softly.

You can either drown into the "Me Too" safe box, stay in your own world and keep everything to yourself or design a universe that's meaningful to you and choose what you want to share. We have that kind of control. Not everything is meant to be shared. You'll learn that in the long run. Lesson learned. There are things that your soul needs for its own good, for its own self. 

It's amazing the support I'm getting. The love is outside of this world. And it's helping me understand my place and my position. Financially, I'd say it's unstable. It's not that there's no money to make, because there's a market for what I do. Only, I have to work smart. I have no job #2. PACESIX is my #1 #2 & #3.

People want to support you in different ways, for what I was used to hear as a dancer..."You're amazing! dance for us. We can't pay you. Perhaps we will give you exposure". A lot of artists and performers can relate. I've heard it all. They say when you start you should try new things, get more experience, work with people, do stuff for free. In time, you will feel the need to get paid. One of the reasons why is because you will start to value your work. You'll then get opportunities to make money. It's mostly the people who gives so much value to your work. If it's good, it's good. If it's great, it has potential, people will push your stuff. Your duty is to make it work. Charge. Pay your bills. Think of a master plan. Exercise your brain. That's when you get creative. Make your plan your living. Make money work for you. Boom. Sounds easy because it's doable.

vision + work ethic + hardwork + investment + people who respect hardwork when they see it and PAY YOU for your services = $$$ making

I'm not just helping you, I'm building us, we are building us! Therefore, buy from your local stores and businesses. I'm no different, no stranger. Invest in PACESIX. It's good for anyone you know who's working hard. They need you around.

PACESIX : New Services +

I want to introduce you to some of the new services I want to offer. For those who don’t know me, I’m Rose, nice to meet you.


In 2005, I was part of a hip-hop/reggae collective called Tribe Alone where I was a dance performer amongst my gifted younger brother Emmanuel RTQLate, Prince MO, beatboxer Microskillz - MC GR81 - reggae singer KINSHA - Hassan DJ Vengeance & DJ Fame.

Kinsha was the mastermind behind all of this, a true leader and spiritual mentor. He brang us together with the help of Clardens (GR81) and members of MACSOUNDCREW DJ group and event promoters. GR81 was the one who contacted me on may 2005, to perform to one of his singles at some club. He knew I enjoyed dancing at that time and I was just graduating from high school. I said why not and dragged my little brother with me as we formed the group “N4SMENT” (pronounced ENFORCEMENT). We then met Kinsha, Microskillz and was introduced to the underground hip-hop culture of Montreal. That’s where it all started.

I did over 70 shows in and out of Montreal from 2005 to late 2011, formed a female dance group “BONAFIDE”, tried to form a creative working team “NOVELTY” somewhere in 2009, and then part ways to go on this road alone to get more experience and to perfect my performance and networking skills.

Back to the main subject

SERVICES : Performance coaching, branding strategy
CLIENTELE : Music artists (stage performers), young entrepreneurs

I want to share with you some knowledge and expertise I have gained throughout the 9 years in this “music industry”. My main focus is on the art of performance and perception as for the image you portray via the excessive use of social media and I want to help you work smarter and become more time-efficient.


I remember the time where music performers actually PERFORMED. They had charisma on stage, they knew how to move the crowds, they actually had a lot of love for performing. That’s because it was very important back then to communicate directly with the public to get their music known and get their whole message across. The artist’s performance quality-skills was part of their branding. People remembered you for the last performance you did.

I do understand that today, the tools we have are different. We use twitter, soundcloud to push our music out and to somewhat connect with the audience. But let’s face it, one day, you want people to tell you, the way you performed that track, changed their lives, the lyrics, the emotion. It’s a unique experience that will never ever get old.

Live band performances bring out a whole new level of connectivity with an audience. Emotions. DJ + MCing performances also bring a different level of connectivity. Truthfully, what makes an artist great IN MY OPINION, it’s their capacity to connect with YOU directly, using their voice, the microphone and the STAGE. Sometimes, it's just body movement, that little thing they did without words.

YOU -vs- YOU

Nowadays, I feel like very little effort from artists is being put out to upgrade their performance acts. Mostly because some didn’t grew up thinking of it as a positive investment in their career, some think they know it all. A lot of us have no manager, so we do everything alone and neglect different areas that should be a performing artist main focus.

Working with artists such as Joyanne, Juliane, Naïsha Mendoza, Sherley Gene as a choreographer for their music video project or show made me realize that there’s always room for improvement and I saw how I could be useful in this world. I enjoy interacting with people, to bring my vision of art to life, to listen and to work on details. I was and will forever be a “stage” lover.


We also call it “branding”. Everything you put out on youtube, facebook, twitter, sound cloud, you name it are tied up with your brand. Your brand is your image, the message you are putting out there when you speak, in the internet consciously or not, what you choose to say and keep to yourself. Your “selfies”? Well, in my eyes I know it’s popular, but you can easily waste a lot of energy out there trying to look good for your peers and “fans” when you should be working on your professional portfolio instead.


I want to use PACESIX as tool to guide you. If you want some help, contact me. I’ve seen a lot, I have my own personal experiences to share. I want to help you “turn up” your performing skills. I want you to understand that there are people out there who can help you too. It may be a new road for me but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be great at it.

You want help for your next photoshoot ? A concept ? Need a makeup artist, a photographer, a stylist, a graphic designer for your business cards, logo. I know people who are great at what they do. We can all work together to help you better yourself.

Questions, you need my services, you think your help could be useful to me & PACESIX ?
Email me with your portfolio, resume and demands : PACESIX@GMAIL.COM

It’s not free.

Pearls Negras : The Girls from Vidigal

Pearls Negras are the teenage Brazilians bringing baile-funk back. The trio hail from the winding streets of Vidigal, a hillside favela overlooking Rio de Janeiro’s coveted Copacabana and Ipanema locales from its vantage point high up the Morro Dois Irmãos. Directed by the 32-year-old carioca (Rio local) director Kayhan Ozmen, the braggadocio-filled film spotlights Mariana Alves, Alice Coelho and Jennifer Loiola’s brand of hip-hop and raw Latin R&B, first dropped earlier this year on their Biggie Apple Mixtape. (read more)

VIDEO : Jai Nitai Lotus - Honest

We had such a great time shooting this. We felt like kids climbing the ruins until we were told to "leave immediately". 

On this first video single of Jai Nitai Lotus' mixtape titled "Acknowledgement," Jai embraces Pusha T's "Numbers on the Boards" by keeping Pusha T's possessed-like aggression, but flips the intention of the lyrics.
Video Credits: 
Artistic Direction and Editing by Jai Nitai Lotus
Shot by Pacesix and Jai Nitai Lotus
Dance Performance by Pacesix
Color Treatment by Sixteen Pads Films
Audio Credits:
Written & Performed by Jai Nitai Lotus Original production by Don Cannon and Kanye West for Pusha T's "Numbers on the Boards"
Outro Beat produced by Jai Nitai Lotus