The Magic Team

No more stressing about building a team.

I'm exhausted. It's so difficult finding people who are on the same "ambitious" page as you. People will tell you they want to ride o' die with you, they'll express it to you, but when it's time to be that superhero they say they want to me... it's either their power is to be invisible like that girl on the Fantastic Four, or they simply have other preoccupations and priorities.

And I understand that. I'm not asking for anyone to kiss my feet and kiss my ass, I'm not looking for a pet. I want to build with people of their words, people of integrity and with good work ethic. People who focus their energy in building this empire they have in their own pretty mind. And they believe that in joining our forces together we can achieve great things.

But for now, no more stressing about building a dream team.

I already see who's putting down the work. Whenever I talk to them, I see it in their eyes. I just know that one day, maybe one day, if it's meant to be, time will tell. I know for sure, that it's hard to do a couple things alone. But it has its advantages:

  • You do things you thought somebody better than you would do. Instead, you are learning to do it yourself.

  • You reflect and revise your strategy at all times.

  • You make mistakes. Restart. Make new mistakes and understand why.

  • You overstand that every little aspect of a business takes as much time as bringing new ideas on the table.

  • You take nothing for granted. Everything can happen. 

  • If the presentation, branding, knowing the details of your business are not being taken care of, the credibility of the work that you do, no matter how good it looks like, suffers.

I actually learnt to minimize my approach to a problem and think smaller. It's how I view big problems that changes the game. You need to be creative in the way you see a difficult situation, think it through, don't overthink it. Why is it affecting you and how can you outsmart the problem in a simple (genius) way ? And sometimes, you shake your head and admit you were a fool for letting it drive you crazy like a mad man/woman. 

For now, I can only be the best team I can be. Letting go and doing the work. 

Work: "Cold Without You" Video

The music video was premiered yesterday on GiantStep and it's with great pleasure that I'm sharing this with you today.

Director : Rose / PACESIX
D.o.P : MATTINMTL / Matthew Thomas Labelle
Editing : Rose & MATTINMTL
Colorist : MATTINMTL
MUA & Hairstylist : Hiba Dhib
Stylist : Ludmilla Anduze
Dancers : Cynthia Giard and Priscilla Charbonneau
Assistants : Natina Mpondani, Darlène Marcelin, Janie Janvier
Sponsor : AMYNTA

Special thanks to Claire Moreau and Doina Cocco


I will get deeper to the details in due  time, but let's say that INFLUX is my "be water" homework this year. It's everything I need to grow. I'm going to meet people, get in my zone which is dancing and how it allowed me to express myself years ago. I'm going to use everything that lands in my hands and in my mind and do something about it.

I'm going to stop worrying about my income and focus on the ressources that I can use to make the most. It's what I thought I've been doing all these years, but I really want to concentrate on every action to properly evolve throughout my experiences. I just have that crazy feeling that it's exactly what I have to do. Great things are coming and I can sense it.

INFLUX will take various forms, different adventures and new faces. Whenever you see #influx tagged along a content I'm sharing, know it's all part of the whole creative process. And as for the dance videos, expect them to pop off out of nowhere at anytime. If you have any comments, feel free to express yourself.

I don't only want you to witness my growth but to participate whenever you get the call. Just contact hey, let's do this and that & we'll let life operate.


True story, you know how I feel ? I feel like being fucking happy right-about-now ! The last 24 hours have been soooo bizarre. And yet, so real and so "life". The cherry on top probably was having my phone stolen, right next to me, just for trying to enjoy myself, shaking off the bad energy (you know), dancing around like nobody's watching. Well, somebody was watching. Obviously. Hey you, keep the phone. The point is I believe I made all this happen. Right before I made it to this dope show by the way, I felt something special on my way there - in the bus seat to be exact. I remember thinking you can still go back home, I know you don't wanna go. I'm out already, I've said to myself, I don't see myself stepping out and going back to square one. Well, first of all, it's not a square, it's a full circle and I should have listened to my instinct telling me to head back home while dancing la macarena. Maybe not, la macarena, something more like a Jay-Z performance (The Black Album, on my headphones). 

I didn't get any sleep. At 2:22 am, I was on my way home, walking, I had a small retrospective why the hell, am I not breathing through my nose and why am I walking so fast ? I get it. I get it. I should have let this day being what it was supposed to be, a bad one, instead of walking against the wind, kinda like the old lady in Kurosawa's Rhapsody in August film. Take it or leave it, the wind is still going to blow, whistle and getting your way. 

I rather be happy. So fuck all this. Fuck it. Blow wind, blow. (G, I make myself laugh. I'm out.)


Maybe you've noticed it... I'm transforming and evolving right before your eyes. Sous tes yeux, je me transforme. PACESIX and whatever it means to you is and will forever take different forms. It's not a rule, it's life. I'm breathing throughout PACESIX. At first, I was afraid of one thing. Yes, I do fear. But I don't fear, fear. I was afraid that the business side of what I do would start controlling my life to the point that It would interrupt my creative juice flow. And hey, I realized that I'm only what I do, so I am PACESIX and it can't be separated from me. I have to do the shitty tasks because I have to learn. I need to learn everything of everything. As much as I have to produce constantly while finding that healthy balance, I have to sit down, read and learn about the politics, the laws, this and that. It gets overwhelming sometimes, I get so tired guys. So tired. I know happiness is all of this. It's so intense and so real.

My year has started with one word family. Un mot si peu familier et porteur d'un beau message, celui d'aimer. Dans cette vie, si tu ne cherches pas à connaître tes racines, d'où ton ADN provient, les étoiles joueront le rôle de déposer le ciel au niveau des yeux - regarde, diront-elles.


Everything in our lives is based on the stories we hear and the stories we tell.

I was talking to a dear friend of mine and she recommended me to read that book. We spoke about how easily we end up believing the stories we tell ourselves and we keep telling ourselves for many years, on loop. People ask us who we are and we repeat our little biography. When we go back we realize how some situations that occured in our lives played a big part of our evolution. I can’t really say they are lies or myths. Maybe they are both. But we want to believe them. One thing’s for sure, your parent, tutor, teacher told you once a story about their lives that you felt you could borrow and make yours. For example, I watched this Oprah Master Class with Morgan Freeman and what he shared was very touching and somehow I could relate. Not because I went through what he went through, no, because I felt like it suited my spirit. And that’s how we sometimes feel like a stranger is like family or not.

We all have our stories. Your life is a book itself. If you want to believe that you are a boring person, you probably are because you conditioned your brain to think so. Borrow the light that these inspiring people you have in your life are giving you. It’s allowed to borrow, to steal, to mold when it comes to making a story, your story. Nobody's stopping you. I mean, it's up to you to find out where this chapter will bring you next.

I was around 10, I used to love going to the library to read these adventure books where you can decide how the story's going to end. Super interactive. I don’t know if you remember those. But I was too young to get it, maybe I did and it followed me through all my life. I don’t know. But I love having the option to choose. That's the major point we have in common. Imagination is what we have in common. I love to taste the fruit of my imagination. That's another thing. Or is it?

Sous la loup/E

Il est juste que la nuit porte conseil car moi j'en avais grandement besoin. Parfois, j'ai l'impression que plus j'écoute les gens me parler, moins je parviens à m'entendre penser. La meilleure chose à faire dans ce cas, je crois franchement que c'est en buvant de l'eau avant d'aller se coucher de bonne heure. Ok, ok. C'est pas LA réponse aux maux de tête, je ne détiens pas la vérité absolue, mais on dort un peu mieux sur ses deux oreilles.

Ma mère ne m'a pas appris à me taire si je n'avais rien à dire. J'ai grandi et appris ce que ma vie avait à m'apprendre pour le reste de mes jours : les mots sont teneurs d'une force incroyable. Et en vieillissant, j'ai découvert que ma nature silencieuse possédait sa propre force, celle d'entendre ce qui est enfoui. J'ai toujours été l'observatrice, bien que je ne sois pas celle au sein d'un groupe à faire part de toutes sortes de remarques "si, si je l'ai vu moi aussi". Je préfère laissez les autres dire. Ma voix sera entendue quand elle sera entendue et ce n'est jamais trop tôt ni trop tard. J'aime qui je suis. Toi, tu perçois tes forces et soit-disant faiblesses de quelle façon?

It is not happiness that makes us feel grateful, it its gratefulness that makes us happy.  - David Steindl-Rast

Je crois que cette vie, ce monde, c'est un putain de film de cinéma de tout genre. Y'a rien à faire. Tu peux te convaincre de comprendre le film et de l'analyser de fond en comble. Il y aura toujours des situations lier aux "plans" qui sortiront de ton contrôle, là où la raison n'y sera pour rien. C'est souvent, très souvent à prendre ou à laisser. J'préfère être reconnaissante de vivre ses expériences plus que toute chose. La gratitude, tu connais ? Parlant de cela, j'ai vu ce TED TALK, qui m'a fait plaisir l'autre jour. Si tu n'as rien à faire, tu prendras quelques minutes pour l'écouter.

Beni soit le jour qui porte conseil.

New Ways

You know, being aware of the energy that surrounds you, being aware of your own energy constantly being recycled and being affected by your environment and by the people, it opened my eye to something today. It seems to have helped me understand the true meaning of letting go. I don't know what it is exactly yet, but saying goodbye to a lot of things have gotten easier for me lately. Farewell not only to the bullshit, but to what you don't need.

I have a ton of things that I need to do right, so for example, I've been running a couple of social networking sites to push PACESIX' online presence and what not. Right now, how I'm viewing the future of these self-promoting sites is that we don't need to be present "everywhere". I probably won't need a "personal" twitter account as much as I thought I needed one because having one is a distraction to what I'm trying to accomplish with this pxce thing. I think that because we are using technology and media sites in very narcissist ways, things are slightly changing (if you can see it). If you are trying to run your business, your main goal should be from now on, to have your "online presence" felt more than anything. Everything you do, what you are becoming, your brand, you want people to relate to you somehow and that I believe is throughout emotions and how you choose to share them. Nobody wants to know what I had for breakfast and how I felt when this guy didn't answer my text message, people want to know one thing, how can you live a better life and happier life ? What should I do within myself to feel alive ? Nobody's really saying it directly but it's hard not to see truth in it.

Energy is everything, focus on where you choose to put your energy on. You don't need to multiple yourself to spread it, you on your own, on your own terms are powerful enough to spread it worldwide. Use your tool, not just the internet but your energy tool wisely. Well, seems like I'm giving an advice to you guys but it's mostly a note to myself. I know there was a time where you needed to be on every radio stations doing interviews, promoting to put your name out there. But today, you know better, you see what's going on, you know how things have changed. We have new ways to communicate. Energy. Like, you should always take a moment to think about where we're going. You can't just sit around and repeat the same story over and over again, that's putting your mind to sleep and wasting your energy fuel.

But yeah, I'm more joyful than ever to leave and say goodbye to the unnecessary. Hard times help life get easier.

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is uniquely your own. - Bruce Lee

2013 : PXCE

Take a minute to reflect on the year, about the great things you've accomplished. Think about the little things you have to work on to improve yourself, to better yourself, to help others. It feels good. Merci à toi, toi, toi et toi.


I've always had this vague idea of what a feminist was. And honestly, a feminist is often looked over as a cuckoo crazy woman "who can't seem to have a man". I've never considered myself one because I've never really felt concerned. I'm not loud. I'm not going to spend my life fighting for women's rights. Or am I ? Mmm.. what is a feminist anyway?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a remarkable woman. First time, I saw her name, you'll laugh...but it's in that Beyoncé song FLAWLESSI got curious so I googled her name down. I saw her TED TALK "We should all be feminists" video and watched it entirely, thinking to myself that I may learn a thing or two. Well, I learnt that I fit her definition of a feminist perfectly; it's definitely about changing mentalities by changing the culture. "Culture does not make people; people make culture". Couldn't agree more.

"Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I'm about equality.

I realized that even tho there were times when some men would ask me to dress "more feminine" in my dance videos so I could get more views (told 'em I wouldn't change shit), I realized that I was surrounded by modern feminist men. Yup. I've always had great male friends. Thinking about it, I believe it's their strong belief in my full potential that attracted me to all of them. I rarely had a conversation with them about "how are hard it is for a woman to do this and that". Since I'm doing my utmost to be the best me, we never really discussed about this subject. And if that means being in an arena full of men, then bring it! I never gave them a reason to think I couldn't make it because I'm a woman. In the surface it may seem hard based on this cultural matter, but deep inside I'm too focused on doing my best, it has become the least of my concerned.

I'm totally aware of my position in this world. No need to remind me of my gender, I know what I am. I know how fashion and how you dress is a manifesto to your whole persona and the message you want the people to understand.  I'm a rebel. So when you think I can't work those heels, it's your problem, not mine, because I can work it. If you love my baggy jeans, well ok. You want to see me more often wearing dresses, yeah me too, I enjoy it. Should I care about what people think ? I could say no but their opinion will always affect me. Therefore, when you know where you stand, being at your best is what matters the most.

I'm also surrounded by very gifted and strong women who I believe know exactly what I'm talking about. Today's women want reciprocity, a man to hold them down because they'll do just the same, they have enormous dreams and contagious ambition. So yeah, I see men eye-to-eye. Mano a mano.

My flawless modern day feminist men have encouraged me to be great. Not just because I'm a woman, but because my body language says I don't give a fuck. They love it and I mean what I say. If being me is changing our culture than let's keep going together. Yes, there's still a lack of women leading very important businesses. But that's not a problem. Things are changing. You know why ? because our kids are walking on our footsteps. Actions are so loud.

Equality, I stand by it. Whatever a feminist is, I'm ambitious. One with nature, you, us and I.

And thumbs up to Beyoncé for introducing me to Ms. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Yeah, after I saw this video, I look at things in a different perspective. That's pretty cool.